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Hier der Übersicht halber alle Bauanleitungen für meine auf OSHpark veröffentlichten Platinen.

All build docs for my OSHpark shared pcbs

Boron Buffer: Dual "Klon" Buffer utility board

Plutonium PSU: A dual output PSU for 9V operation. Not really worth it as commercial PSUs can do more for less money.

Erbium EQ: Steve's (SJ Effects) Tonmeister with slide pots for 125B. Needs some tweaks

Osmium OD: a Klon clone for 125B with top mounted jacks. I'm still proud of this one

Strontium Screamer: TS808 clone, SMD for 1590A

Barium Boost: switch mounted Super Hard On (SHO). Fits into any enclosure.

Order Switcher: Effects order utility board with send/return between effects. Used it on the Evil Twin with DMinner.

Dubnium Drive: DBA Interstellar Overdrive. Through-hole or SMD version available. Fits into a 1590A.

Indium Indicator: A VU-meter utility, SMD only. fits nearly anywhere and is build around the LA2284 chip.

Rubidium Reverb: DBA Reverberation machine for 125B with top mounted jacks. Updated for the Belton BTDR-3, which lets you set the decay time.

Ruthenium Reverb: My first self-designed effect. A pedal format spring reverb built around the Accutronics Blue Spring Reverb. Fits a 1590XX

Francium Fuzz: EQD Bellows Fuzz, Designed for 1590A

Hydrogen Fuzz: Wooly Mammoth Fuzz. Designed for 1590A with a small break out board for the pots.

Helium OD: EQD Palisades (a TS iteration) with optical onboard switching. Internal DIP switch allows two switching variations with a master bypass or individual use of OD and boost. Fits a 1590BB with top-mounted jacks.

Lithium Vibe: EQD The Depths, designed for 125B with top-mounted jacks.

Oxygen Amp: MXR Headphone amp with charge pump for 35V. Set of two pcbs to sandwich. Designed for 1590LB

BFD: Boss BF-2 Flanger work-alike für John als Preis zum Build-of-the-year contest 2019.
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